To All 2019 United Methodist General Conference Delegates

Dear Delegates,

We write as a diverse group of lay and clergy United Methodists representing a broad theological spectrum in our denomination. Among us we hold “centrist,” “progressive,” and “traditionalist” views. Our prayer and hope is for unity in our beloved United Methodist Church. To that end, we covenant to hold the delegates to the 2019 Special Called Session in prayer, as you are led by the Holy Spirit.

At the same time, we perceive that the United Methodist Church has come to a critical juncture in our life together. Our divergent understandings of biblical interpretation and theology underlie our disagreement on human sexuality. We regretfully recognize that our divisions continue to impede our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

While we pray for a unified way forward, the reality of our circumstance convinces us that any decision made at the 2019 Special Session will likely lead to congregations and pastors deciding they are no longer able to remain in the United Methodist Church. This reality provides the reason for this open letter. We write to urge the 2019 Special Session to approve a gracious and equitable process for exit which can be used by any congregation desiring to do so. We urge that such a process for exit  be adopted prior to the consideration of any proposed model or solution.

Some have noted that our Discipline(paragraphs 2547, 2548) already contains a process that can facilitate the exit of any congregation desiring to withdraw from the UMC. Why do we need additional legislation defining such a process? We believe there are a number of reasons.

  1. A well-defined process which is gracious and equitable will provide consistent guidelines for bishops and their cabinets, annual conference trustees and local congregations across United Methodism as transitions are determined and negotiated. The current Disciplinary paragraphs leave great freedom to bishops and cabinets to negotiate the terms of separation. While this allows for flexibility, it also means that existing congregations may faceinconsistent requirements and demands across the denomination.  A more clearly defined process provides the greatest possibility of an even-handed and equal administration of process for congregations that believe they cannot remain.
  1. A well-defined process which is gracious and equitable — established before  solutions are adopted by the General Conference — will provide exiting congregations a clearer understanding of what will be required and annual conferences a more complete understanding of transitions which may be needed  when congregations choose to exit.


  1. Approving a gracious and equitable process before addressing proposed solutions will help to set a tone of generosity and freedom as the hard decisions of the 2019 Special Session are debated and decided.
  1. Approving a gracious and equitable process before final decisions are made offers the best possibility of helping the “winning side” avoid the temptation to take advantage of their majority position by imposing insurmountable or punitive obstacles for congregations who elect to end their relationship with the UMC.
  1. It may also limit expensive litigation.

We believe that a gracious and equitable process for exiting congregations will include at least these five basic elements.

  1. An open time period up to five years from the close of the 2019 Special Session for congregations to consider desires and possibilities and during which any congregation may depart under the defined process.
  1. The ability of any congregation to exit the UMC with their property and assets. However, any existing debts to any United Methodist entity remain in place and must be paid at the time of exit or according to the existing payment plan; and that any grants from United Methodist Church toward the building or renovation of congregational buildings must be re-paid. Release of the congregation from the trust clause also implies release of the annual conference from any responsibility for the congregation’s debt liabilities.
  1. A provision for the payment to the annual conference of a reasonable and fair share of the conference’s unfunded liability for clergy pensions (with guidelines for what is “reasonable” and “fair” defined by Wespath).
  1. Consideration of the impact on the Annual Conference of the loss of the resource of the congregation. This consideration should not exceed an amount equal to one year’s apportionments for those congregations which have paid apportionments in full for at least four years preceding or three years’ apportionments for congregations who have not paid apportionments in full for at least four years preceding.
  1. The aggregate of obligations under #3 and #4 above shall not exceed the amount of the congregation’s annual operating budget averaged over the preceding four years.

Sisters and brothers in Christ, we write with a sadness and heaviness of heart. Yet, we

write to you also with a hope that, if we cannot remain as one institutional church, we may as one graciously allow congregations who seek a change of relationship to live out their congregational lives and ministries in a manner consistent with their understanding of God’s will and the leading of God’s Spirit.

While this letter originated within the West Ohio Conference, we encourage others who are in agreement to add their signatures and conference relationships, and to engage members of their own delegations in conversation about these matters.

We urge your earnest prayer and consideration of our thoughts and concerns.

May the grace of God, the love of Christ Jesus and the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit guide and strengthen you.

In Christ,

Marcus Atha, West Ohio, Progressive

Rachel Billups, West Ohio, Clergy, Centrist

Bryan Bucher, West Ohio, Clergy, Centrist

Doug Damron, West Ohio, Clergy, Centrist

Jeff Greenway, West Ohio, Clergy, Traditionalist

Chris Heckaman, West Ohio, Clergy 

Cathy Johns, West Ohio, Clergy, Centrist

Brian Jones, West Ohio, Clergy, Traditionalist

Meshach T. Kanyion, West Ohio, Clergy, Traditionalist

Justin Nelson, West Ohio, Lay, Progressive

Mike Slaughter, West Ohio, Clergy, Centrist

Deborah K. Stephens, West Ohio, Clergy, Progressive

Greg Stover, West Ohio, Clergy, Traditionalist

Brian Straub, West Ohio, Clergy, Traditionalist

Patty Wagner, West Ohio, Clergy, Progressive

James Waugh, West Ohio, Clergy, Progressive  

Additional Signees

Douglas Dean, West Ohio, Clergy

John Miles, Arkansas, Clergy

Katherine Dale Makus, Pacific Northwest, Clergy

Randy Lindsey, Arkansas, Lay

Paul Risler, West Ohio, Clergy

Jeff Warick, Arkansas, Clergy

Rick Stuhmer, West Ohio, Clergy

Lawrence Lundgren, Upper New York, Clergy

Kevin White, West Ohio, Clergy

Greg Comer, Arkansas, Clergy

Brian Law, West Ohio, Clergy

Byron Scott, South Georgia, Clergy

Roberta Bortell, Illinois Great Rivers, Lay

Mary Meier, Arkansas, Lay

Michael Meier, Arkansas, Lay

James Huff, Detroit, Clergy

Ron Pegram, Wisconsin, Clergy

James H. Harry, North Carolina, Clergy

Harrison J. Bell, Holston, Clergy

Dave Pettengill, West Ohio, Clergy

Carolyn C. Moore, North Georgia, Clergy

Brian Fink, Arkansas, Clergy

Pauline Ann Ferris, Arkansas, Clergy

Kevin Krist, Alabama-West Florida, Clergy

David Alleman, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Duane Anders, Oregon Idaho, Clergy

Dave Keppel, West Ohio, Clergy

Pat Bodenhamer, Arkansas, Clergy

Lyle Holland, North Alabama, Clergy

Kevin Lyon, Arkansas, Clergy

Thomas M. Moss, North Georgia, Clergy

Patrick Roddy, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Deborah Head, Arkansas, Clergy

P. Douglas George, East Ohio, Clergy

David Trawick, Texas, Clergy

Bruce Tumblin, West Ohio, Clergy

Joslyn Pawloski, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Linda Bradley, East Ohio, Clergy

Keith Mcilwain, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

David Eversdyke, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Chris Roberts, Indiana, Clergy

Wiley Gladney, Wisconsin, Clergy

Gary Wheeler, West Ohio, Clergy

John Marsh, Florida, Lay

Clifford Wall, Western North Carolina, Clergy

Gerry McDaniel, California Pacific, Lay

Janet Lord, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Jon Bowsher, West Ohio, Lay

Matthew Stephens, West Ohio, Lay

Charles Fowler, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Sean Hachem, North Georgia, Clergy

Jean Hessenauer, West Ohio, Lay

Kevin Orr, West Ohio, Clergy

Elton Acker, West Ohio, Lay

Lee Ann Williamson, Mississippi, Lay

Tom Edgerton, West Ohio, Lay

Allyn Ricketts, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Larry Eddings, Pacific Northwest, Clergy

John Hauck, Illinois Great Rivers, Clergy

John Donner, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Paul Morris, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Georgia Morris, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Barbara Cooper, West Ohio, Clergy

Linda Puckett, West Ohio, Lay

Nancy Gallagher, West Ohio, Lay

Randy Coleman, West Ohio, Clergy

Warren Lathem, North Georgia, Clergy

Ferrell Coppedge, North Georgia, Lay

Steven Fultz, West Ohio, Clergy

Craig Decker, West Ohio, Lay

Jeffrey R. Neufeld, Northern Illinois, Lay

Charles Shoemaker, Kentucky, Clergy

Heath Wilson, Baltimore-Washington, Clergy

Kelly Sipes, Great Plains, Clergy

Ruth Ann Moore, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Steven Nelson, West Ohio, Clergy

Dori Evans, West Ohio, Lay

Edwin E. Beale, West Ohio, Clergy

Henning M. Poulsen, Norway, Clergy

Becky Saddler, Great Plains, Clergy

Jon Warren, Illinois Great Rivers, Clergy

Ronald J. Geisler, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Jeff Kelley, Great Plains, Clergy

Allen Woolf, Great Plains, Lay

Joseph Cindy, West Ohio, Lay

Gordon McClure, Great Plains, Clergy

Donald Blystone, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

James Griffith, Great Plains, Lay

Mitchell Arnold, West Ohio, Clergy

Adam Linkous, Holston, Lay

Paula Oswalt, Unknown, Lay

Lewis Kizer, Holston, Clergy

Ben Cathey, North Georgia, Clergy

Melissa Geisler, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Terry L. Shreffler, West Ohio, Lay

William Hornsby, North Georgia, Lay

Dave Perry, North Georgia, Lay

Aaron Brown, West Ohio, Clergy

Anthony Paulson, Illinois Great Rivers, Clergy

Eve Wayman, Great Plains, Lay

Tom Bolton, West Ohio, Clergy

Dave Coul, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

John Phipps, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Tim Porter, Western North Carolina, Clergy

Susan Manuel, Holston, Clergy

Mike Cooper, Michigan, Lay

Steve Roth, West Ohio, Clergy

Judi Rainey, North Georgia, Lay

Ashley Williams, Virginia, Lay

Bradley Williams, Virginia, Lay

Jerry Lapham, West Ohio, Lay

April Lambert, Holston, Lay

James Liggett, West Ohio, Lay

Randall Johnson, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Angel Crowell, West Ohio, Clergy

Jan McDaniel, Great Plains, Clergy

Steve Todd, Great Plains, Clergy

Teresa Lovelace, Holston, Lay

Randy Shrauner, Oklahoma, Clergy

Joann Smith, North Georgia, Lay

Chuck Shonkwiler, West Ohio, Clergy

Willard “Pete” Shaffer, West Ohio, Clergy

Elwood Keene, West Ohio, Clergy

Kat Straub, West Ohio, Lay

Joan Pascoe, West Ohio, Lay

Brad Martin, West Ohio, Clergy

Valerie Harvard, North Georgia, Lay

John Greeson, North Carolina, Lay

William J. Head, Arkansas, Clergy

Samuel Hamby, North Georgia, Clergy

Rickell Cline, Lay

Clint E. Ware, Mississippi, Clergy

Matthew Morris, Western North Carolina, Clergy

Joe Rhea, West Ohio, Clergy

W. Gregory Light, Western North Carolina, Lay

Dan Foland, Tennessee, Lay

Anjie Horton, Holston, Lay

Kyle Eisenhuth, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Tracy Smelser, Holston, Lay

Dean Everly, West Ohio, Lay

Joe Fox, West Ohio, Clergy

Douglas Johns, West Ohio, Clergy

Howard Holm, North Georgia, Lay

William Michael Mayhugh, Texas, Clergy

R.W. Elsworth Sr., West Ohio, Lay

April Atkins, Holston, Lay

Tracy Roden, Arkansas, Clergy

Linda Jones, Holston, Lay

Michael Schneider, Clergy, West Ohio

Ralph Jones, Holston, Lay

Gregory Boyd, Oklahoma, Clergy

Paul Morelli, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Doug Stockton, West Ohio, Clergy

Jon V. Jones, Holston, Lay

John H. Page Jr., North Georgia, Clergy

Arthur W. Koch III, West Ohio, Clergy

Mike Roper, North Georgia, Clergy

Annette Lyle, West Ohio, Lay

J. Cris Noble II, North Carolina, Clergy

Roger Henry, Iowa, Clergy

Margaret Hamilton Adams, North Georgia, Clergy

Bill Lyle, West Ohio, Clergy

Paul Shafer, Kentucky, Lay

Eula Lorine Fielder, Holston, Lay

James Fielder, Holston, Lay

Derek Russell, West Ohio, Clergy

Emma Underwood, Holston, Lay

Jeff Reed, Indiana, Clergy

Bruce Schwartz, West Ohio, Lay

Bonnie Williams, Holston, Lay

Davy Blessing, Holston, Lay

Trey Harris, Louisiana, Clergy

Jamie Horton, Holston, Lay

Chris Blanchard, Louisiana, Clergy

Jeff Jernigan, North Georgia, Lay

Keven Fox, Minnesota, Clergy

Kathy Arnold, Holston, Lay

Michael Arnold, Holston, Lay

Charles W. Savage, North Georgia, Clergy

Doris Henry, Iowa, Lay

Paul Harris, North Georgia, Lay

Beth Greenway, West Ohio, Lay

Dick Horn, West Ohio, Lay

Lindsey Clarke, Great Plains, Clergy

Joanna Corvin, Holston, Lay

Dennis M. Henley, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Brian F. Scott, Mississippi, Clergy

Beth Pollitt, West Ohio, Lay

Jamie Horton, Holston, Lay

Hugh Hendrickson, North Georgia, Clergy

Lloyd Shoemaker, West Ohio, Clergy

Kevin Barron, Missouri, Clergy

Kathryn Thompson, West Ohio, Lay

Lauren Gibson, Holston, Lay

Mary Lynn Kinnaman, North Georgia, Lay

Judy Williams, Holston, Lay

Caleb Rotton, Houston, Lay

Doug Hyndrich, Holston, Lay

Jody Stevens, West Ohio, Lay

Gail Frazier, East Ohio, Lay

David Graves, Baltimore-Washington, Clergy

Karen Schwartz, West Ohio, Lay

Glenn Ray, Mississippi, Clergy

Dave Werner, West Ohio, Lay

Eric S. Beck, Michigan, Clergy

Annie Burton, West Ohio, Lay

Carol Norris, Holston, Lay

Mark Norris, Holston, Lay

Rochelle Sample, Western North Carolina, Clergy

Leslie Marsh, Florida, Lay

Teresa Anders, Lay

Helen Crigger, Holston, Lay

Roy Gearhart, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Craig Jones, West Ohio, Clergy

Gail Jones, West Ohio, Lay

Richard Armour, North Georgia, Lay

Larry Crigger, Holston, Lay

Jane Finley, North Georgia, Lay

Chris Farmer, West Ohio, Clergy

Jon Ferguson, West Ohio, Clergy

Martin Reeves, New Mexico, Clergy

Keith Tilley, Texas, Clergy

William Bowdle, West Ohio, Clergy

Janet Keppel, West Ohio, Lay

Alan Prass, Illinois Great Rivers, Lay

Candice Gross, South Carolina, Lay

Linda Brown, West Ohio, Lay

Misty Crigger, Holston, Lay

Teresa Lucas, Great Plains, Clergy

H. Joe Carrico, Holston, Clergy

Stephen Burkhart, Holston, Clergy

Matt Reynolds, West Ohio, Clergy

Kathleen Ervin, West Ohio, Lay

Russ Harwood, West Ohio, Lay

Sharon Schall, Lay

Fredrick Monk, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Bill McNeer, West Ohio, Lay

Tom Compton, North Georgia, Clergy

Jeremy McKinney, West Ohio, Lay

Jennifer Miller, West Ohio, Lay

Ken Loyer, Susquehanna, Clergy

Jonathan Tullos, Mississippi, Clergy

Phyllis Hankins, Holston, Clergy

Thomas M. Reynolds, West Ohio, Lay

Tony Palmero, North Georgia, Lay

Darin Rothe, West Ohio, Lay

Jerry Rectenwald, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Sandra Monday, Holston, Lay

Nina Long, Louisiana, Lay

Douglas Sonneberg, West Ohio, Clergy

David A. Walker, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Cindy Duffee, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Ben M. Hornsby, North Georgia, Lay

Kathy Dovenspike, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Peggy Lowe, North Georgia, Clergy

Caleb Geisler, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Wayne Stolz, North Georgia, Lay

Robin Kyek, Holston, Clergy

Kenneth Breeding Jr., Holston, Lay

Thomas Lambrecht, Wisconsin, Clergy

Larry E. Weber, Illinois Great Rivers, Lay

Matt Brookes, West Ohio, Clergy

Marco Bonilla, North Georgia, Lay

Linda Bonilla, North Georgia, Lay

Tineke van de Slooten, Lay

Randy Burbank, North Alabama, Clergy

Ron Doub, Western North Carolina, Clergy

Deborah Kyek, Holston, Lay

David Johnson, North Georgia, Lay

Don Frazure, Illinois Great Rivers, Lay

Ted Curran, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Betty Jo Greenway, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Richard Foster, Michigan, Clergy

David Calhoun, Kentucky, Clergy

Scott Uhlinger, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Laura Gregg, West Ohio, Lay

Justin Gregg, West Ohio, Lay

Linda Culpepper, North Georgia, Lay

Sam Peters, West Ohio, Clergy

Elise Starkey, West Ohio, Lay

David Kelley, Western North Carolina, Clergy

Bill Weaver, West Ohio, Clergy

Richard Allen, West Ohio, Clergy

Kathy Barnhart, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Christopher Ritter, Illinois Great Rivers, Clergy

Jeffery B. Nichols, Louisiana, Lay

Carolyn Christman, West Ohio, Clergy

James Wicht, Holston, Lay

Earl E. Moyer, West Ohio, Lay

Libby Coppedge, North Georgia, Lay

Charles W. Savage III, North Georgia, Lay

Steve Franks, North Georgia, Lay

Cassie Reed, Lay

John R. Virgin, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Linda Culpepper, North Georgia, Lay

Dona Fultz, West Ohio, Lay

Joseph Gillen, West Ohio, Lay

Carl Palmer, Arkansas, Clergy

Todd Evenaart, Western North Carolina, Lay

Cynthia Lewis, Holston, Lay

Adebowale Onabanjo, West Ohio, Clergy

John Schlicher, West Ohio, Clergy

Randy D’Aoust, California-Pacific, Clergy

Rhonda Bailey, Holston, Lay

Judy Horn, West Ohio, Lay

Howard Anderson, Louisiana, Clergy

Lynn Pease, West Ohio, Clergy

Dale Schaub, North Georgia, Lay

Debra Schaub, North Georgia, Lay

James H. Daniels, North Carolina, Clergy

Betty Hornsby, North Georgia, Lay

Mitch Forrest, Arkansas, Lay

Barb Sholis, Mountain Sky, Clergy

John Hale, Kentucky, Clergy

Robert Cornett, West Ohio, Lay

David Gray, West Ohio, Lay

Zeke Vanderpool, Holston, Lay

Robert E. Greene Jr., Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Pam Fugett, West Ohio, Lay

Keith Boyette, Virginia, Clergy

Herb Flanders, North Georgia, Lay

Laura Campbell, Lay

David Firth, West Ohio, Lay

Donna Lambert, Holston, Lay

Angie Cox, West Ohio, Clergy

Kent Craver, West Ohio, Lay

James Conarroe, West Ohio, Lay

Linda Stover, West Ohio, Lay

Steve Drury, Kentucky, Clergy

Linda E. Young, West Ohio, Lay

Brenda Goudey, Missouri, Lay

Lisa Buffum, Great Plains, Lay

Troy Elmore, Kentucky, Clergy

Sue Irwin, West Ohio, Lay

David Barna, Eastern Pennsylvania, Lay

Doug Harris, Great Plains, Clergy

Henry G. Macavoray, Sierra Leone, Clergy

Mark Hillard, Kentucky, Lay

Janice Seymour, West Ohio, Lay

Jim Scott, Holston, Clergy

Eric Huffman, West Ohio, Lay

David Cooper, North Georgia, Clergy

Rob Berger, West Ohio, Lay

John Marshall, New England, Clergy

Bobby Ross, North Georgia, Lay

Terry Marshall, New England, Lay

Deborah Griffith, North Georgia, Clergy

David Stephens, West Ohio, Clergy

William E. Harris, West Ohio, Lay

Mike Powers, Kentucky, Clergy

Anna Sayers, Lay

Michael, Cash, North Georgia, Clergy

George Williams, Arkansas, Clergy

Mark J. Roberts, Alabama-West Florida, Clergy

Thomas Lucas, Great Plains, Clergy

Jeffery Jaggers, Michigan, Clergy

Judy Reeves, North Georgia, Lay

Libby Barnes, Holston, Lay

Jeff Barnes, Holston, Lay

Gary Miley, West Ohio, Lay

David MacDonald, East Ohio, Clergy

Howard L. Mercer Jr., Tennessee, Lay

Karon Compton, North Georgia, Clergy

Brian Vinson, West Ohio/Zambia, Clergy

Holly Bartlett, West Ohio, Lay

Anita Lister, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Otis Lister, Alabama-West Florida, Clergy

Bill Arnold, Kentucky, Clergy

Lyndon Loyd, Northwest Texas, Clergy

Greg Golden, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Richard Jones, Great Plains, Clergy

Andy Hurst, Northwest Texas, Clergy

Joni Loyd, Northwest Texas, Lay

Elijah P. Funk, Holston, Lay

Allison M. Woods, Great Plains, Lay

Susan Innes, Great Plains, Lay

Michael Sigler, Alabama-West Florida, Clergy

Michael Sweeney, Kentucky, Clergy

Stephen Bittick, Mississippi, Clergy

Jane (Kelly) Greene, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Tim Goodman, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Roger Peterson, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Randy Kiel, Virginia, Clergy

Hugh Griffith, Mississippi, Clergy

Andy Adams, Illinois Great Rivers, Clergy

Wade Compton, Indiana, Clergy

Erik Meade, Illinois Great Rivers, Lay

Ed Fugate, West Ohio, Clergy

Tim Goodman, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Cathy Clarke, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Marla Elifritz Brown, West Ohio, Clergy

John Blakemore, Holston, Lay

Jason Johnston, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Gina Johnston, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

John D. Esaias, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Miriam Brown, Louisiana, Lay

Kimberly Reisman, Indiana, Clergy

Christine McHenry, West Ohio, Lay

Buford Hankins, Holston, Clergy

John Kenney, North Georgia, Clergy

Francis Bass, Holston, Lay

James Bass, Holston, Lay

Vickie Carter, Holston, Clergy

Mark Carter, Holston, Lay

Charlene Miller, West Ohio, Lay

John Teasley, North Georgia, Lay

Jim Atkins, Holston, Lay

Bonnie S. Golden, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Lester Spencer, Alabama-West Florida, Clergy

Dan Gilder, West Ohio, Clergy

John Wagner, West Ohio, Clergy

Bryan George, East Ohio, Clergy

Rachael Foster, West Ohio, Lay

Mark Suter, Indiana, Clergy

Darlene Craver, Florida, Lay

Frank Craver, Florida, Lay

Kathryn Payne, lay

Kathleen A. Herington, West Ohio, Clergy

Jon Thorsbury, Texas Clergy

Stan Cardwell, Baltimore-Washington, Clergy

Catherine Dorman, West Ohio, Lay

Beverly Connelly, West Ohio, Lay

L. Karen Montgomery, West Ohio, Clergy

Mary White, West Ohio, Lay

Judy Teasley, North Georgia, Lay

Mike Fitzpatrick, Tennessee, Lay

Mike Weaver, Virginia, Lay

Stephen Seamonds, Kentucky, Clergy

Earnest Parks Davis, North Georgia, Clergy

Charles R. Spell Jr., Holston, Clergy

Roger Allen Crum, Arkansas, Clergy

Kathy Rohrs, West Ohio, Lay

Ann Peat, West Ohio, Lay

Harry Peat, West Ohio, Lay

Andrew P. Spore, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Jef Stemple, West Virginia, Lay

James Copeland, Lay

Tlaisha Taylor, Lay

Ashley Woodyard, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Beverly Dorman Dubois, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Carol Seamands, Kentucky, Lay

William Amerson, Indiana, Lay

Eric Woodyard, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Larry Armstrong, North Georgia, Lay

Ryan Kiplinger, Central Texas, Clergy

Cara Nicklas, Oklahoma, Lay

Michael Allen, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Haley Allen, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Pat Burnett, Holston, Lay

Joe Hill, West Virginia, Clergy

Nate Greenway, Western Pennsylvania

Randy Lowe, West Ohio, Clergy

Cindy Nichols, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Becky Griffith, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Shannon Porter, Lay

Steve Spining, Alabama-West Florida, Clergy

Walter Fenton, New Jersey, Clergy

Daniel Niederhofer, Texas, Clergy

Matt Seel, Kentucky, Clergy

Phil Roughton, Florida, Clergy

Mark Rowland, West Ohio, Clergy

Michael W. George, West Ohio, Clergy

Bryant Robinson, Lay

Deborah, George, West Ohio, Lay

Lawrence George, West Ohio, Lay

Gwen Mendenhall, West Ohio, Lay

Forest Mendenhall, West Ohio, Lay

Michele Moore, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

David Chivington, West Ohio, Clergy

Tina Mills, Holston, Lay

Wesley Putnam, Northwest Texas, Clergy

Ethan Lowell, Larson, Wisconsin, Clergy

Voncille, Holmes, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Darrenll Holmes, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Connie Sutton, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Craig Carter, Alabama-West Florida, Clergy

Rick Just, Great Plains, Clergy

David Allspaw, Lay

Dan Clarke, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Richard Hiltibran, West Ohio, Clergy

Jodi Long, West Ohio, Lay

Jesse Blevins, West Ohio, Clergy

David Koch, East Ohio, Lay

Kerry Wood, West Ohio, Clergy

Tom Abraham, East Ohio, Lay

Wes Walker, North Georgia, Lay

Jeff Coleman, North Georgia, Clergy

Lonnie D. Brooks, Alaska, Lay

Brian Small, Kentucky, Clergy

Lois Luyster, West Ohio, Lay

Greg West, Virginia, Clergy

Vickie Warren, West Ohio, Lay

Jason Nies, East Ohio, Lay

Terry Lynn Faris, Kentucky, Clergy

Michael Flores, North Georgia, Lay

Roy Shaneberger, Illinois Great Rivers, Lay

Darren Gillespie, Kentucky, Clergy

Paula Gillespie, Kentucky, Lay

Janet Grissett, Virginia, Clergy

Gary Starr, Virginia, Lay

Ruth Stover, West Ohio, Lay

Osvaldo Benitez, Rio Texas, Clergy

Greg Moser, North Carolina, Clergy

James Conway, East Ohio, Lay

Lonnie Fenton, North Georgia, Lay

Mark Putnam, West Ohio, Clergy

Todd Love, Kentucky, Clergy

Joshua Stamps, Lay

Dale Roddy, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Connie Spears, West Ohio, Lay

Mark Price, Kentucky, Clergy

Rebecca Price, Kentucky, Lay

Dee Bryant, Rio Texas, Clergy

Katherine Fehl, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

James B. Croskey, East Ohio, Lay

Dawn Kvigne, Wisconsin, Lay

Larry Vickers, Kentucky, Clergy

Madeline Henners, Rio Texas, Clergy

Charles W. Griffin III, Holston, Clergy

James Patrick, Dakotas, Clergy

Lyn Walker, Western North Carolina, Lay

Steven Anderson, Dakotas, Clergy

Lisa Thornton, Tennessee, Lay

John H. Lea III, New Jersey, Clergy

Brian Adams, New Mexico, Clergy

Scott Field, Northern Illinois, Clergy

Roger K. Moore, South Georgia, Lay

Theresa Beauchamp, Peninsula Delaware, Lay

James R. Roberts, North Georgia, Lay

Winthrop Shin, New Jersey, Lay

Lyle M. Miller Sr., New England, Clergy

William H. Haygood Jr., Texas, Clergy

Stephanie Mothershed, Mississippi, Lay

David Richards, Memphis, Lay

Marion L. Rifling, Mississippi, Lay

Terry Hughes, Susquehanna, Clergy

John Hill, North Alabama, Clergy

Joel Adkins, East Ohio, Clergy

James E. Smith, Virginia, Lay

Mark Britton, Dakotas, Clergy

David Bowman, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

James Benkley, Oklahoma, Lay

Rick Carling, Desert Southwest, Clergy

J. Wesley Hilliard, Arkansas, Clergy

B. Byron Crain, Memphis, Lay

Steve Simpson Texas, Lay

Jin Oh, New Jersey, Clergy

Raleigh R. White IV, Central Texas, Lay

Philip Hoeflinger, Rio Texas, Clergy

David Harle, Alabama-West Florida, Clergy

Curtis Gage, Lay

John Grenfell, Michigan, Clergy

Martin Birch Sr., Virginia, Lay

Peggy Winton, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Mike Wadley, North Carolina, Clergy

John D. Boyd III, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Mao Vang Her, Wisconsin, Clergy

James P. Barrett, Texas, Lay

Joan Scharfenberg, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Kenny Locke, Memphis, Clergy

Martha Daigneau, Michigan, Lay

Jim Leggett, Texas, Clergy

Mark McLendon, North Georgia, Clergy

Jamie Westlake, Florida, Clergy

Tom Eckhardt, Illinois Great Rivers, Clergy

Forrest Sears, Indiana, Clergy

Mike Cutshaw, Holston, Clergy

James B. Scott, Arkansas, Clergy

Brynen, Chitwood, Indiana, Clergy

Barbara Rives, Illinois Great Rivers, Lay

Kevin Fruechting, Great Plains, Lay

Sarah C. Everett, Oklahoma, Lay

Carolyn Tarman, Great Plains, Lay

Todd Owen, North Alabama, Clergy

Mike McKnight, Alabama-West Florida, Clergy

David G. James, South Carolina, Clergy

Branson Sheets, North Carolina, Clergy

Molly Davis Scott, Arkansas, Clergy

David Daniel, Oklahoma, Clergy

Aaron Atchley, Holston, Clergy

Melinda Huisenga, Illinois Great Rivers, Lay

Beatrice Vore, Lay

Brian K. Ridgedell, Louisiana, Clergy

Kenneth, C. Phillips, East Ohio, Lay

Francis Bertrand, Virginia, Clergy

Beatrice Vore, North Georgia, Lay

Richard Taylor, New England, Lay

Teresa Blanton, Western North Carolina, Clergy

Dan Henry, Northern Illinois, Lay

C. Chappell Temple, Texas, Clergy

Vincent Vore, North Georgia, Lay

Larry Chow, Rio Texas, Lay

William Fitgerrel, Great Plains, Clergy

Jerry Drinkard, Virginia, Clergy

Jeffery A. Rub, Great Plains, Lay

Catherine Carter, Virginia, Lay

Janine Plum, Michigan, Clergy

Thomas McLaughlin, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Thomas Shepherd, Virginia, Clergy

Roger Goins, Arkansas, Lay

George Applin, Virginia, Lay

Sandra Hernandez, South Georgia, Lay

Neil C. Epler, Alabama-West Florida, Clergy

Danny L. Danheim, Texas, Clergy

David Myers, Indiana, Clergy

David Randall, Great Plains, Clergy

David C. Platt, Upper New York, Clergy

Sandy Johnson-Clark, Western North Carolina, Clergy

Amy Atkinson, Indiana, Lay

Robert Edward Hutcheson, Susquehanna, Clergy

Neil Jeffries, Kentucky, Clergy

John Hollon, Oklahoma, Clergy

Thomas Brown, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Wallace O’Neal IV, North Carolina, Clergy

Norman Saylor, Susquehanna, Lay

Frank A. Clem, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

June Woodburn, Florida, Lay

Cyndi W. Linkous, Holston, Lay

Danny Sanders, Northwest Texas, Clergy

Robert Harlow, Texas, Lay

Edwin L. Sprout, West Virginia, Clergy

Pat Harlow, Texas Lay

Kenneth L. Walker, North Carolina, Lay

Mike Pope, North Alabama, Clergy

Henry Edens, South Carolina, Lay

Thomas Q. Robbins Jr., Central Texas, Clergy

Charlayne Schultz, West Ohio, Clergy

Saundra Smith, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Bruce G. Parris, North Alabama, Lay

Edward P. Alex, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Jimmie Shahan, Louisiana, Lay

Moffette Tharpe, Eastern Pennsylvania, Lay

Leon Monroe, North Georgia, Lay

Carl Wampler, Northwest Texas, Lay

Mary J. Tharpe, Eastern Pennsylvania, Lay

Nancy Carter, Rio Texas, Lay

Amy Gearhardt, Virginia, Lay

Debra Dawson, Peninsula-Delaware, Lay

Roger Anderson, Iowa, Lay

Ronald Fleming, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Julian Hurley, Peninsula-Delaware, Clergy

Starr Auckerman, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Linda Branch, North Carolina, Lay

Doug O’Connell, Eastern Pennsylvania, Lay

Rebecca Martin Suter, Indiana, Clergy

George Hodgkins Jr., New England, Clergy

Cinda Swan, Kentucky, Clergy

Kelly Roesch, Mountain Sky, Lay

Gary Allred, North Carolina, Clergy

Willard Moody, Texas, Lay

Yunho Eo, Virginia, Clergy

Phil Smith, Arkansas, Clergy

Clyde Almy, North Georgia, Lay

Bill Pipp, Susquehanna, Clergy

Michael Grant, East Ohio, Clergy

Linda Collins, South Carolina, Lay

David Kassos, Arkansas, Clergy

Laurence Hubley, Michigan, Clergy

Blane Spence, North Georgia, Clergy

Donna Kassos, Arkansas, Lay

Marianna White, Central Texas, Lay

Eddie Nabors, Mississippi, Lay

John Fletcher Poulk, North Carolina, Lay

Angela Crummie, North Georgia, Clergy

Joe Whittemore, North Georgia, Lay

Clayton Young, Rio Texas, Lay

Eric L. Rathburn, Western North Carolina, Lay

Jeanne Byrd, South Carolina, Lay

Merrill Bender, Upper New York, Clergy

Gary Wayne Curtis, Tennessee, Lay

Steve Gunning, North Georgia, Lay

David Humphrey, Peninsula-Delaware, Clergy

Randy Mutter, Memphis, Clergy

J. Burton Williams, Western North Carolina, Clergy

Tom Hanzel, Illinois Great Rivers, Clergy

Russell Young, Holston, Clergy

Kathy Kothmann, Texas, Lay

William Boston, Illinois Great Rivers, Lay

Mike Harrington, Virginia, Clergy

Cheryl Griffith Willoughby, North Georgia, Lay

Tommy Gray, North Alabama, Clergy

David Nolan, Western North Carolina, Clergy

Arville McLain, North Texas, Clergy

Bob Hager, Arkansas, Clergy

Karen Beasley Maynard, Tennessee, Lay

Steven Fonville, Memphis, Clergy

Shannon Vowell, North Texas, Lay

John Vidal, Eastern Pennsylvania, Lay

Marc Quinter, West Ohio, Clergy

Andrew Anthony, Illinois Great Rivers, Clergy

Denise Feller, Mountain Sky, Lay

Colleen A. Harden, Indiana, Clergy

Randy Kanipe, North Georgia, Clergy

Bobby McMahan, Western North Carolina, Lay

Eugene W. McCallips, Susquehanna, Clergy

Robert Denges, East Ohio, Lay

Loronda Schuler, Minnesota, Clergy

Laverne Larson, Wisconsin, Lay

Wanda Carmon, New York, Lay

Jeffrey Foor, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Barbara Schmitt, Mountain Sky, Lay

Denise Feller, Mountain Sky, Lay

Michael Huff, Virginia, Lay

Alexander Mills, Michigan, Lay

Walter S. Carter, Eastern Pennsylvania, Clergy

Ed Stevens, North Carolina, Lay

William Stamper, New Mexico, Clergy

Charles W. Everett, Northwest Texas, Clergy

Steve Jungwirth, Lay

Dan Brand, Arkansas, Clergy

Cindy Stevens, North Carolina, Lay

William Westling, East Ohio, Clergy

Richard Snyder, Oklahoma, Lay

Thomas Melton, Lay

Wanda Lee Smith, Louisiana, Clergy

Greg Shannon, Kentucky, Clergy

Bruce Fensterbush, Susquehanna, Clergy

Alex Alvarez, Rio Texas, Clergy

Bret Frey, West Ohio, Lay

Marshall Sevier, Louisiana, Clergy

Franklin Fritts, Western North Carolina, Lay

Stephen Wegner, Holston, Lay

James Pollitt, West Ohio, Lay

Brenda Woods, Holston, Clergy

Marty Sellers, North Carolina, Lay

Jimmy Cox, North Carolina, Lay

Laurie Beth Scantlin, Rio Texas, Lay

Brian Adams, New Mexico, Clergy

Judy Cox, North Carolina, Lay

Travis Holdman, Indiana, Lay

Galen Smith, Michigan, Lay

Caroline Quinter, West Ohio, Lay

Vince Brawley, North Georgia, Lay

David King, North Carolina, Clergy

Roy Rutter, West Ohio, Lay

Roger Moore, Michigan, Lay

Albert R. Horst, Susquehanna, Clergy

Daniel Gerber, Iowa, Lay

Deborah J. Moore, Michigan, Lay

Godfrey H. Ebright, Desert Southwest, Clergy

Robin Grauberger, Mountain Sky, Lay

Ryan P. Kegerreis, Alabama-West Florida, Clergy

Angela Williamson, Kentucky, Lay

Chet Mohler, West Ohio, Lay

Mason K. Dorsey, Florida, Clergy

Glen Haworth, California-Pacific, Clergy

Kenneth W. Tidmore, New Mexico, Clergy

Denise Schroeder, Great Plains, Lay

Roy T. Sublette, Alabama-West Florida, Clergy

Karen Hulsey, Desert Southwest, Lay

Jeff Jones, Arkansas, Clergy

Jean S. Sublette, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Dan Palmer, Holston, Clergy

Nancy. R Payne, Virginia, Lay

Marion Davis, Memphis, Lay

Brian Brownlow, Northwest Texas, Clergy

Philip Hannum, Virginia, Lay

Joy Mitchell, Iowa, Clergy

Drew Martin, South Carolina, Clergy

Tom Keef, Detroit, Clergy

Donald Wolfgang, Michigan, Clergy

Tammy L. Hillman, Mississippi, Lay

Jimmy Towson, South Carolina, Clergy

David L. Payne, Virginia, Lay

Logan Garth Swanger, Susquehanna, Clergy

Corvin Weddle, Virginia, Lay

Jacob Franck, Illinois Great Rivers, Lay

Ann Blackburn, Tennessee, Clergy

Angie Weddle, Virginia, Lay

William Klempay, Indiana, Lay

Bob Kaylor, Mountain Sky, Clergy

Jeff Lucas, Holston, Lay

K. Sandra, Linkous, Holston, Lay

Dana Gouge, Great Plains, Lay

Roger Canuel, North Georgia, Clergy

Robert Jackson, New England, Clergy

Tim Kriebel, Eastern Pennsylvania, Clergy

Ron Heasley, East Ohio, Clergy

Bracken Foster, East Ohio, Clergy

Carol Blackburn, Great Plains, Lay

Douglas S. Harr, North Carolina, Clergy

Delores Young, West Ohio, Lay

Lynn Baker, East Ohio, Lay

Larry Shields, Florida, Clergy

Keith Brudevold, Oregon-Idaho, Clergy

Richard Baker, East Ohio, Lay

Joyce Gaines, Tennessee, Lay

Anna Dickison, Holston, Lay

Larry Towny, Texas, Lay

Steve Davis, Memphis, Lay

Thomas, Dowdy, Tennessee, Clergy

Daniel Rodgers, Mississippi, Clergy

Chuck Sprenkle, Susquehanna, Clergy

Lawrence E. Richard, Eastern Pennsylvania, Clergy

Rick Corder, East Ohio, Lay

Rondy Rodgers, Mississippi, Lay

Diane Brown, West Texas, Lay

Neil L. Brown, Western North Carolina, Lay

Randy Brown, West Texas, Lay

Charles E. Cook Jr., North Georgia, Clergy

Tom Mendenhall, New York, Lay

Jordan Miller, West Ohio, Lay

Charles Myers, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Steven Jay Sawyer, Louisiana, Lay

Virginia Bailey, Susquehanna, Clergy

Matthew Hook, Michigan, Clergy

Lloyd R. Thompson, Pacific Northwest, Lay

Bob Wadsworth, Mississippi, Lay

Wallace Bush Jr., Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Jeff Miller, Central Texas, Clergy

Gregg Parris, Indiana, Clergy

Kenneth Russ, Mississippi, Clergy

Lisa R. Russ, Lay

Larry G. Becker, Oklahoma, Clergy

Brian Jennings, North Alabama, Lay

Robin Lavender, South Georgia, lay

Terry White, Oklahoma, Lay

Don Underwood, North Georgia, Clergy

Donald Daniel, North Carolina, Clergy

Robert W. White, Florida, Lay

John D. Milliken, East Ohio, Lay

William H. Willis Sr., Louisiana, Clergy

Janean Tinsley, Memphis, Clergy

John C. Elmore Jr., South Carolina, Clergy

Arlene L. Milliken, East Ohio, Lay

Patricia B. Russell, Susquehanna, Lay

Windol Cook, Texas, Lay

Lynn Messner, Wisconsin, Lay

Joel Butler, North Alabama, Lay

Gary Feldman, Illinois Great Rivers, Clergy

Clint Alberson, Lay

Sterling Allen, Texas, Lay

Rebecca Welch, Mississippi, Lay

John Kvigne, Wisconsin, Lay

Ray Welch, Mississippi, Lay

Kevin S. Richardson, Holston, Clergy

Terry Matthews, Western North Carolina, Clergy

Ralph S. Mann, North Alabama, Clergy

Samantha Richardson, Holston, Lay

Phyllis Alford, Mississippi, Lay

James Alford, Mississippi, Lay

Rowland S. Buck, Holston, Clergy

John Woods, Western North Carolina, Clergy

Donald Hulsey, Desert Southwest, Lay

Howard Lynn Lincecum, Louisiana, Lay

Jeff Canter, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Carolyn Dent, South Georgia, Lay

Jimmy Manuel, Mississippi, Lay

Theresa Manuel, Mississippi, Lay

Melvin May, Kentucky, Clergy

Carl Timmer, Virginia, Lay

Brent Boxell, Illinois Great Rivers, Lay

Lee Campbell, Indiana, Clergy

J. Wesley Privett, North Georgia, Clergy

David Combs, Kentucky, Clergy

Beth Caulfield, New Jersey, Clergy

Ella Mae Harper-Mueller, Virginia, Lay

Kathleen A. Fitzgerald, Mountain Sky, Lay

William Beard, North Alabama, Clergy

Elizabeth Yates, Mississippi, Lay

Haggard Yates, Mississippi, Lay

Karl Holcomb, Mississippi, Lay

David Smithey, East Ohio, Clergy

Larry Burtoft, Lay

Earl Dickerson, Memphis, Clergy

Gregory A. Smith, Indiana, Lay

David Arrington, Virginia, Lay

Neal Hammons, Holston, Clergy

Phillip Guin, North Alabama, Clergy

Theodore Wood, Florida, Clergy

David Ouellette, New England, Clergy

Pablo Marty, Illinois Great Rivers, Clergy

John L. Bosch, California Nevada, Clergy

Delisa Hammons, Holston, Lay

Scott Hagood, North Alabama, Clergy

Richard C. Nye, Indiana, Lay

Jeanie Nelson, West Virginia, Clergy

William M. Posey, Texas, Clergy

John Weston, Pacific Northwest, Clergy

Dennis L. Seroskie, Eastern Pennsylvania, Lay

Kathy Seroskie, Eastern Pennsylvania, Lay

Ricke McQueen, Indiana, Lay

Donald R. Barley, Eastern Pennsylvania, Clergy

Wally Messner, Wisconsin, Lay

Dixon Platt, Arkansas, Clergy

Frank Ruston, Holston, Lay

Andrew Gregg, North Alabama, Clergy

Paul Duerksen, New Mexico, Clergy

Betsy S. Stuckey, Texas, Lay

Kris Key, North Georgia, Clergy

Randy F. Carnley, South Georgia, Clergy

George Dean, Memphis, Lay

John Richards, West Ohio, Clergy

Randy Allen, Western North Carolina, Lay

Charles Glover, West Ohio, Clergy

Thomas Kyle, New England, Lay

Gayle Thornberry, Virginia, Clergy

Beverly P. Petrovich, Eastern Pennsylvania, Clergy

Edward Dean, Mississippi, Lay

Gregg Frank, North Georgia, Lay

Jonathan George, East Ohio, Clergy

Ward Richards Jr., Iowa, Clergy

Jude Urso, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Anna Brawley, North Georgia, Lay

Barry Baughman, West Ohio, Clergy

William Burnette, Memphis, Lay

Nathaniel Langford, Louisiana, Clergy

Michael Guerne, Michigan, Lay

Jon Gougeon, Michigan, Clergy

Danny Key, North Georgia, Clergy

Richard Auhl, Susquehanna, Lay

John Grimsted, Oregon Idaho, Clergy

Michael P. Lyons, South Georgia, Clergy

Kathryn Chittenden, Mountain Sky, Lay

Bruce Chittenden, Mountain Sky, Lay

Debra Wolfe, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Richard Ingraham, Upper New York, Lay

Patrick Wolfe, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Cindy Campbell, Iowa, Lay

James Timothy Whited, South Carolina, Clergy

Morris Rister, Indiana, Clergy

James Baikey, Upper New York, Clergy

John Brockardt, Iowa, Lay

Darren Williams, Indiana, Clergy

Betsy Cox, Mississippi, Lay

Blaine Keene, West Ohio, Clergy

Ronnie Free, Louisiana, Lay

Frankie Phillips, West Ohio, Lay

Steven McCullough, Illinois Great Rivers, Lay

William Phelps, Virginia, Lay

Xavier Ascanio, Baltimore-Washington, Lay

Kyle T. Smith, North Georgia, Clergy

Stephen Cagle, Oklahoma, Clergy

Patricia Vancil, Florida, Lay

Lynne O’Connell, California Nevada, Lay

Bryan Hodgkins, New England, Lay

James Harry, North Carolina, Clergy

Thomas D. Snyder, East Ohio, Clergy

Thomas Dent, South Georgia, Clergy

Greg Foster, North Georgia, Lay

Edward Beedle, Indiana, Clergy

Dave Cressman, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Kathryn Mann Herring, Illinois Great Rivers, Clergy

Randy C. Neill, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Mark Hecht, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Garry Fisher, Virginia, Lay

Robert Barnshaw, New Jersey, Lay

Ora Welch, Mississippi, Lay

Kevin Fox, Minnesota, Clergy

Jean Jarnigan, Holston, Lay

Gary L. King, Lay

Niko Vellum, Florida, Clergy

Michelle Wilde, Tennessee, Lay

Gary L. King, Pacific Northwest, Lay

Howard R. George, Lay

Gerald Carter, South Carolina, Lay

Roy E. Jacobsen, New York, Clergy

Charla Burnette, Memphis, Lay

Ruth Hobson, Iowa, Lay

Rick Horch, North Texas, Lay

Charles R. Walters, Texas, Clergy 

Daniel Richter, Upper New York, Clergy

Laurel Mizell, North Georgia, Lay

Hank Moody, Rio Texas, Lay

Teresa K. Marcus, Virginia, Lay

Anthony J. Tomasino, Michigan, Clergy

Michael Arnum, New England, Lay

Shane Stanford, Memphis, Clergy

Sue Guttag, West Ohio, Lay

Dennis Soule, Indiana, Clergy

Anita Genrich, Wisconsin, Clergy

Charles Lindy, Holston, Clergy

John R. Gerlach, New York, Clergy

Wes Rhodes, Eastern Pennsylvania, Lay

Lisa Rhodes, Eastern Pennsylvania, Lay

Jo Neil Morris, Rio Texas, Lay

Jean Crowl, Eastern Pennsylvania, Lay

Brian Weber, Michigan, Lay

Joe Dale Morris, Rio Texas, Lay

Gene Hinrichsen, Missouri, Clergy

Clarke M. Mahaney, Upper New York, Lay

Veronica Deevers, Iowa, Lay

Marion J. Johnson, Rio Texas, Lay

Adam Shahan, Oklahoma, Clergy

Richard Bayard, California Nevada, Clergy

Terry Hughes, Susquehanna, Clergy

Timothy Prather, Mississippi, Clergy

Bob Ward, East Ohio, Lay

Chris Symes, Oklahoma, Clergy

Barbara J. Long, East Ohio, Lay

Larry W. Wiggins, North Georgia, Lay

Jeff Weiss, Holston, Lay

Linda Sockwell, North Texas, Lay

Todd Hilton, North Georgia, Clergy

Mile Starkey, West Ohio, Clergy

Donald Chapman, Florida, Lay

Ardyth Stull, East Ohio, Lay

Mark McAdow, Oklahoma, Clergy

Elizabeth H. Dean, Mississippi, Lay

Dean Posey, Central Texas, Clergy

Darrel Phillips, Central Texas, Clergy

Bruce A. Schwartz, West Ohio, Lay

Ross Ely, Oregon-Idaho, Lay

Sue P. Bennett, North Carolina, Lay

Sam Davis, East Ohio, Clergy

David A. Bennett, North Carolina, Lay

Richard W. Bufkin, Western North Carolina, Clergy

Dale Durnell, Oklahoma, Clergy

Walt Unterberber, Eastern Pennsylvania, Clergy

Christine A. Davis, East Ohio, Lay

Steven Jay Sawyer, Louisiana, Lay

Baxter Hurley, South Georgia, Clergy

Charles Barfield, North Carolina, Lay

Dewayne Young, Mountain Sky, Lay

Herb Ormond, North Carolina, Lay

Jan Young, Mountain Sky, Lay

Fred Fowlkes, Arkansas, Lay

Kenneth Miller, Wisconsin, Lay

Bob West, Texas, Lay

Paul N. West, New Mexico, Clergy

Bruce E. Slaughter, Tennessee, Lay

Elaine Gammill, North Texas, Lay

Troy Farrell, West Ohio, Lay

Harlan Goan, Tennessee, Lay

Raymond B. Hill Jr., Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

David Rucker, North Texas, Clergy

Beverly Fowlkes, Arkansas, Lay

Steven Jay Sawyer, Louisiana, Lay

Sean Mitchell, Kentucky, Clergy

Camille Rucker, Texas, Lay

Lenora Black, North Georgia, Lay

H. Lynn Gibson, North Alabama, Clergy

James B. Croskey, East Ohio, Lay

Rebecca Voss, Wisconsin, Clergy 

Tom Lighthall, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Mark Faulkner, West Ohio, Lay

Emily Galloway, Peninsula-Delaware, Lay

Bruce Pickelheimer, West Ohio, Lay

Anna Jamison, Oklahoma, Lay

Rebecca Campbell, Texas, Lay

Pat Day, Louisiana, Clergy

Kenneth Cecil, West Ohio, Lay

Susan Harrison, North Carolina, Clergy

Michael Lubes, East Ohio, Lay

Mark Lacey, North Alabama, Clergy

Jon Carrell, Illinois Great Rivers, Clergy

Faye B. Gaston, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Pamela Boyette, Virginia, Lay

James Logan, Lay

Gwen Sears, Oklahoma, Lay

Gene Prudhon, Wisconsin, Lay

Deborah Kelly, North Alabama, Lay

Cony Haworth, California-Pacific, Lay

Debbie Bush, Mississippi, Lay

Shane L. Bishop, Illinois Great Rivers, Clergy

Tom Beaty, Central Texas, Clergy

Roger Jackson, New York, Clergy

Clayton H. LaTurneau, Michigan, Lay

David Hiester, Mountain Sky, Clergy

Rick LaDue, Upper New York, Clergy

Rod Skewes, Illinois Great Rivers, Lay

Calvin Lee, West Ohio, Lay

Stuart Albee, Holston, Clergy

Tom R. Spellings, Memphis, Clergy

Melanie Hilton, North Georgia, Lay

William Starr, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Jimmy G. Jones, Florida, Lay

William Strite, Pacific Northwest, Lay

Rex Hill, Holston, Clergy

Byron Putnam, Louisiana, Clergy

Eddie Warne, East Ohio, Clergy

John Pena Auta, Central Nigeria, Clergy

Virginia A. Turner, Virginia, Lay

James Turner, Virginia, Lay

Joye Percival, North Georgia, Lay

Debra Gibens, Lay

Regan Wooley, North Georgia, Lay

Michael W. Wert, Minnesota, Lay

Lee Almy, North Georgia, Clergy

Randall D. Culp, Alabama-West Florida, Clergy

Edward Gohn, South Carolina, Lay

E. Wayne Isaac, Indiana, Lay

Katy Hall, Texas, Lay

Rebecca Vik, North Carolina, Lay

Linda Frye, Illinois Great Rivers, Lay

Emory Mosley, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Donald Altom, Oklahoma, Clergy

Gregory Davis, Holston, Clergy

Mike Kirk, West Ohio, Lay

Tom Linn, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Sharen Manuse, Lay

Melissa Bishop, Illinois Great Rivers, Lay

Charles L Bratz Jr., Texas, Clergy

David Cahn, California-Pacific, Lay

Lyle Johnston, Desert Southwest, Clergy

Dee Dee Lawson, North Georgia, Clergy

Randy Degenkolb, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Joyce Wilkinson, Texas, Lay

Colin Wilkinson, Texas, Lay

Gina Canuel, North Georgia, Lay

James C. Walker, Michigan, Lay

Kevin Baker, Baltimore-Washington, Clergy

Carl Price, Eastern North Carolina, Lay

Michael Jones, Northern Illinois, Clergy

Tom Scott, Desert Southwest, Lay

David F. Motta, Dakotas, Clergy

Drew Nivens, Western North Carolina, Lay

Zec Bishop, Lay

Fred Haywood, Indiana, Clergy

Ken Freshour Sr., North Georgia, Clergy

Wade Childers, Western North Carolina, Clergy

Robert Rusello, Mississippi, Lay

Debbie James, Lay

Chuck Bennett, Central Texas, Lay

Myrtle L. Lumpkin, North Carolina, Lay

Karen Handy, Peninsula-Delaware, Clergy

Jason Lenderman, Lay

Jean Mowrey, Holston, Lay

James Brewer, North Carolina, Clergy

Vicki Sanders, North Texas, Lay

Meg James, North Carolina, Lay

Linda Richardson, Lay

Craig Shideler, Mississippi, Lay

Larry Williams, Holston, Clergy

Gregory Zurbuchen, Wisconsin, Lay

David Partington, East Ohio, Lay

Chris Freshour, North Georgia, Lay

Deborah Tassin, Louisiana, Lay

Barbara Williams, Central Texas, Lay

Brad Voncent, West Virginia, Lay

Edwin Jaqua, Upper New York, Clergy

H. O. Tom Thomas, Virginia, Clergy

Jim Hamlin, South Georgia, Clergy

Betty Corder, East Ohio, Lay

Hoke Howard, North Georgia, Lay

Janet Shreffler, West Ohio, Lay

Sam E. Lawrence III, Mississippi, Lay

Susan McWilliams, Lay

Dennis Grayson, Florida, Lay

David Smith, Holston, Clergy

Dulan D. Elder, Northwest Texas, Clergy

Joseph Scott, Western North Carolina, Lay

Chris Pike, Texas, Lay

Richard Rhodes, Lay

Linda Howard, North Georgia, Lay

Charles Kiefer, New England, Lay

Robin Miller, Holston, Lay

Tracey Crigger, Holston, Lay

James Thomas, North Carolina, Clergy

Mary Rivera, Florida, Lay

James Scott, Western North Carolina, Lay

Hazel Campbell, South Florida, Lay

Carolyn Beeker, North Alabama, Lay

Christy Ammons, West Ohio, Lay

William Jacobs, North Carolina, Lay

Dale Hamm, North Carolina, Lay

John Ammons, West Ohio, Lay

Dee Dowdy, North Alabama, Lay

Jill Hill, North Alabama, Lay

Linda Grubb, Baltimore-Washington, Lay

F. Dale Vickers, Rio Texas, Lay

Marilyn Bridges, West Ohio, Lay

William J. Crosby, Memphis, Lay

Ray Woodcock, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Jerry Ruff, New Jersey, Clergy

Darlene W. Craver, West Ohio, Lay

Donna Proctor, Lay

Stephanie Rodgers, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

J. Wayne Vaughan, Florida, Clergy

Eldon Nolte, Iowa, Clergy

F. Latham-Durrant, Mountain Sky, Clergy

Tim Gentry, Memphis, Lay

Gordon Latham-Durrant, Mountain Sky, Lay

Ingrid DeRuiter, Mountain Sky, Lay

Mitch Rodgers, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Steven Riddle, North Georgia, Clergy

Bill Rice, Lay

Tex R. Matejka, Texas, Lay

William D. Hoffman, Dakota, Lay

Rance Edwards, Holston, Clergy

Donald Jones, Oklahoma, Clergy

Dottie Dumas, Texas, Lay

Duwain Dumas, Texas, Lay

Greg Fletcher, Great Plains, Lay

Bob Antonich, Mountain Sky, Lay

Hope McFadden, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Julie Kolacz, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Steven M. Raney, Oklahoma, Lay

Jason Woolever, Illinois Great Rivers, Clergy

Jac Filer, Eastern Pennsylvania, Lay

Paige Randy, New York, Clergy

Wes Griffin, North Georgia, Clergy

Frank Brown, New Jersey, Clergy

David Scott Carter, Mississippi, Clergy

Kelly Jones, West Ohio, Lay

Jacqueline Harmon, Texas, Clergy

Carvel May, Susquehanna, Clergy

John Rentz, South Georgia, Clergy

Bruce A. McDonald, Upper New York, Clergy

Jay Druesedow, Central Texas, Lay

Kathy Myers, New Mexico, Lay

Tyler Hege, Western North Carolina, Lay

Paige Dopson, West Virginia, Lay

Jody Flowers, South Carolina, Clergy

Gregg Benefiel, Holston, Lay

Lynn Malone, Louisiana, Clergy

Kim King, North Carolina, Lay

Carol Prudhon, Wisconsin, Lay

Della Nicholson, Baltimore-Washington, Lay

Keith Reynolds, North Georgia, Lay

Margie Perez, West Ohio, Lay

Matt Yates, Florida, Lay

Victoria Yates, Florida, Lay

Peggy Hale, Memphis, Lay

Beth McLaughlin, Illinois Great Rivers, Clergy

Donna Looney, North Georgia, Lay

Richelle Sampl, Western North Carolina, Clergy

Laine Boesenberg, Lay

Paul Brown, Great Plains, Lay

Wayne Scott, East Ohio, Clergy

Marcy Kenny, South Carolina, Lay

Thomas Hanover, West Ohio, Clergy

Richard Carroll, Virginia, Lay

Bruce G. Parris, North Alabama, Lay

Gay Wyndham, Mississippi, Lay

Bob Mathias, East Ohio, Clergy

Jay M. Hanke, Virginia, Clergy

Anna Colley, North Georgia, Lay

Harriett D. Hanke, Virginia, Lay

Glenda Richburg, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Robert Shields, North Carolina, Clergy

David Brenneman, Susquehanna, Clergy

Mary Elizabeth Powell, Central Texas, Clergy

Roger McClendon, Arkansas, Lay

Pat Bradley, Norway, Clergy

Tonya Martini, Holston, Lay

Michael Sims, Mississippi, Clergy

Karen S. Phillips, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Arlene Wiltse, Michigan, Lay

Gary Bass, North Carolina, Lay

Ray Lane, Alabama-West Florida, Clergy

Brian Griffith, Memphis, Clergy

Robert Bowen, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Ernest Post, Florida, Clergy

Barbara Crider, East Ohio, Lay

Buddy Holt, North Carolina, Lay

John C. Hines Jr., Baltimore-Washington, Lay

Frank H. Billman, Eastern Pennsylvania, Clergy

Leah Hartman, Great Plains, Lay

Don Caffee, North Carolina, Lay

John Stone, North Georgia, Lay

David Stough, Susquehanna, Clergy

Susan Unkles, South Georgia, Lay

Margaret Loper, Texas, Lay

Craig Scott, Iowa, Lay

Brandie Reese, North Georgia, Clergy

Mr. and Mrs. Ted C. Huskey, Mountain Sky, Lay

Mary Price, Lay

Samantha DeHart, Illinois Great Rivers, Lay

Don C. Yost, Florida, Clergy

Stephen Portner, Susquehanna, Clergy

Donald E. Bourland, Memphis, Lay

Larry Sorenson, Minnesota, Lay

Mary Rivera, Florida, Lay

Timothy Wilmetti, West Ohio, Clergy

Gary Morse, Memphis, Clergy

Patrick Porter, North Carolina, Lay

Curtis Smith, Desert Southwest, Lay

John Woodard, North Carolina, Clergy

Stacey Jones, Virginia, Lay

John Purviance, North Texas, Clergy

A. Earl Gilbert, Texas, Lay

Glinda Gilbert, Texas, Lay

Charles Williams, Holston, Clergy

Barbara Whitt, New Jersey, Lay

Betty Watkins, Virginia, Lay

Dennis, Foster, Desert Southwest, Lay

Terrill M. Schneider, Michigan, Clergy

Thomas E. Dougal, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Nancy English Hamblin, Lay

Chris Ross, Alabama-West Florida, Clergy

C. Steven Melester, Virginia, Clergy

Susan Hughes, Central Texas, Lay

Bill Killough, Central Texas, Clergy

James C. Hollifield, Oklahoma, Clergy

Elizabeth A. Dawkins, North Georgia, Lay

Libby Wimmer, Virginia, Lay

Beebe R. Frederick Jr., Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Cindy Masterson, Texas, Lay

Joseph H. Endinger, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Sharyn Donzella, New York, Lay

Robert J. Wyatt, North Georgia, Lay

Kenneth Bryan Sexton Jr., North Carolina, Clergy

Katrina Farnham, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Darryl C. Zoller, Baltimore-Washington, Clergy

Donald Garvin, California-Pacific, Lay

Jeremy Rebman, Florida, Clergy

Mike Ellson, Iowa, Clergy

Pamela Johnson, Virginia, Lay

David Patterson, Virginia, Lay

Ricky Johnson, Western North Carolina, Lay

Cathy Patterson, Virginia, Lay

Robert Hargrove, Tennessee, Clergy

Karen Archer, Arkansas, Lay

Durwood Archer, Arkansas, Lay

Gary Collins, North Georgia, Lay

Tanner Collins, North Georgia, Lay

Ronald Krum, Eastern Pennsylvania, Lay

Dinah Mattos, North Georgia, Lay

Ere Lawson, North Georgia, Lay

Tom Atkins, North Georgia, Clergy

Rickey P. Dawson, East Ohio, Clergy

William S. Clark, Florida, Lay

Vickie Paggio, Florida, Lay

Earl Salser, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Debra Slaugenhaupt, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Tim Thompson, West Ohio, Lay

Kelly Costello, Illinois Great Rivers, Lay

Ann Blackburn, Holston, Clergy

Richard G. Lindamood, Holston, Clergy

Connie Dickerson, Northwest Texas, Lay

Lawrence W. Myres, New York, Lay

Gallagher O. Massengill, West Ohio, Lay

Corky Calhoun, Florida, Clergy

Randy Hageman, Texas, Clergy

Robert D. King, West Virginia, Clergy

Rachel Coleman, West Ohio, Lay

Janet S. Hammocki, Lay

Gordon Douglas, North Carolina, Lay

Beverly Langford, Louisiana, Lay

Margaret Miller, West Ohio, Lay

Robert Moulton, New England, Lay

Lisa Bealmear, Illinois Great Rivers, Lay

Murray Arbegast, Susquehanna, Lay

Pauline Arbegast, Susquehanna, Lay

Victoria Campbell, Texas, Lay

Jay C. Xiong, Wisconsin, Clergy

Howard D. Sayers, Holston, Lay

Shirley U. Sayers, Holston, Lay

T. R. Miller, North Carolina, Clergy

Caryl M. Proctor, New England, Lay

Dorothy White, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Eric Demsky, North Carolina, Lay

Polly Holt, North Carolina, Lay

Jim Senkel, Central Texas, Clergy

Patricia S. Wolfe, East Ohio, Lay

Matthew B. Smith, Texas, Clergy

Jeffery W. Anderson, Holston, Lay

Bonnie S. Hauck, Lay

Gene Maddox, Florida, Clergy

Ellen V. Butler, North Georgia, Lay

Tanya Noll, Baltimore-Washington, Lay

Julie Greenlaw, South Georgia, Lay

Jeffrey D. Baer, Northern Illinois, Clergy

Robert Conder, Memphis, Lay

Evelyn Wages, North Georgia, Lay

Huston Green, Mountain Sky, Clergy

James Lacy, Virginia, Clergy

Gary Greenwald, North Georgia, Clergy

Christine W. Greenwald, North Georgia, Clergy

Cynthia Gooding, North Alabama, Lay

Harry Wilcox, Michigan, Lay

Joyce Boggan, North Alabama, Lay

Chuck Boggan, North Alabama, Lay

John Leighty, West Ohio, Clergy

Ron Hoover, North Georgia, Lay

Alan Corrales, Oklahoma, Lay

Tony Colllins, Indiana, Clergy

Emma Pugh Routh, Western North Carolina, Lay

Paul McVay, Alabama-West Florida, Clergy

Deanne Bentum, New England, Lay

Clyde A. Phillips, New Jersey, Clergy

Penny Brink, Upper New York, Clergy

Farrell Cox, South Carolina, Clergy

John Ward, West Ohio, Lay

Cassie Ross, North Alabama, Lay

Myra Wheeler, West Ohio, Lay

Josh Struewing, Illinois Great Rivers, Lay

Pat Mohler, West Ohio, Lay

Charlotte Mitchell, Northwest Texas, Lay

Greg Ray, Oklahoma, Clergy

Harold Seals, North Alabama, Lay

Rebecca Maish, Florida, Lay

Gregory P. Ciesluk, Minnesota, Clergy

David Phaneuf, West Ohio, Clergy

James F. Whitt, New Jersey, Lay

Robert James Denney, Indiana, Clergy

Beth Wingard, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Paul Wingard, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Judith Schlarb, Oklahoma, Lay

James E. Leighty, West Ohio, Clergy

Michelle Rekizke, Peninsula-Delaware, Clergy

Dale Wylie, Lay

Sue Wylie, Lay

Brian Withrow, Kentucky, Clergy

Sal Buonocore, Susquehanna, Clergy

Linda Jones, North Carolina, Lay

Robert Doscher, Florida, Lay

Cheryl Gillespie, North Georgia, Lay

Danny Gillespie, North Georgia, Lay

Earle Bidwell, New England, Lay

Kenny Ott, North Georgia, Clergy

William D. Summerly, South Georgia, Lay

Vickie Perkins, Indiana, Clergy

Aaron Farley, North Georgia, Lay

Dale M. Edge, North Georgia, Lay

Janis Fowler, North Georgia, Lay

Anita Smith, South Carolina, Lay

Josh Duckworth, South Carolina, Clergy

William Groff, West Ohio, Clergy

Thomas E. Bowsher, Dakotas, Clergy 

Robert Harris, Great Plains, Lay

Vela Dickens, North Carolina, Lay

Benny W. Drye, Western North Carolina, Lay

Ruth Noecker, Lay

Jason Woelfer, West Ohio, Lay

Max Ulderich, West Ohio, Clergy

Randy Branch, Texas, Clergy 

Nathan White, North Carolina, Lay

Karen Ottjes, Indiana, Clergy

Lester Hemphill, New Jersey, Lay

Mark Tracy, Dakotas, Clergy

Michael Morgan, Iowa, Clergy

Dennis Gray, Western North Carolina

Russell Brownworth, Western North Carolina, Clergy

Gail Accurst, South Georgia, Lay

Jeff Hatcher, Northwest Texas, Clergy

Bill Woodson, South Georgia, Clergy

Susan Davidson, West Ohio, Clergy

Cindy Kountz, Northwest Texas, Lay

Lisa Gastonguay, New England, Lay

Patricia Kersey Rosebery, Mississippi, Clergy

Janie Richardson, Florida, Lay

Ruth Hobson, Iowa, Lay

John Bright, Virginia, Lay

Brandy Edgar Nichols, Louisiana, Lay

James L. Rule, Michigan, Clergy

Marjorie Sharp, Virginia, Lay

Eric W. Morphis, Western North Carolina, Clergy

Mark McIntyre, West Ohio, Lay

Dan N. Kirschner, West Ohio, Lay

Annelle McDuggee, South Georgia, Lay

Terry Swan, Kentucky, Clergy

William C. Jones, West Ohio, Lay

Chip Alexander, Indiana, Lay

Mike Pickle, Illinois Great Rivers, Lay

Georgia Daria, West Ohio, Lay

Becky Wright, North Georgia, Lay

Destry Lynn Herring, North Carolina, Lay

Rebecca Belli, Western North Carolina, Lay

Royce Wheeler, Mountain Sky, Lay

Debbie Shattuck, Oregon-Idaho, Lay

E. Robert Nagy, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Nash Nichols, Louisiana, Lay

Marcus Riegel, Great Plains, Clergy

Hester Hudson, East Ohio, Clergy

Barbara Homer, Tennessee, Lay

Richard Lowe, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Jana Combs, North Georgia, Lay

Danny Hancock, Louisiana, Lay

William Whittles, New Jersey, Lay

Linda Kline, West Ohio, Lay

Bill Small, Alabama-West Florida, Clergy

William Gregory Light, Western North Carolina, Lay

James Farrer, North Georgia, Lay

Brian Blackburn, Great Plains, Clergy

Tracy Skinner, North Carolina, Lay

Mills Bale, Texas, Lay

Freida Alexander, Kentucky, Clergy

Lynne Blunck, Texas, Lay

G. Patrick England, Michigan, Lay

Amy K. Drummond, North Georgia, Lay

Katie Dover, North Georgia, Lay

Cody Dover, North Georgia, Lay

Larry P. Lloyd, New England, Lay

April Whitt, New Jersey, Lay

Barry Miller, Central Texas, Lay

Janet Cordell, Mountain Sky, Lay

Rose Mary Bennett, Central Texas, Lay

Heather White, North Carolina, Lay

Paul DeFrank, Florida, Lay

Denise Hilbert, California-Pacific, Lay

Trish McRae, California-Pacific, Lay

Karen Fisher, North Georgia, Clergy

Richard K Ricks, Texas, Lay

Gary Morris, North Georgia, Lay

Mike Hudson, Florida, Clergy

Bev Neuben, Mountain Sky, Lay

David Fisher, North Georgia, Clergy

Maxine Turner, Illinois Great Rivers, Lay

Mike Morgan, Iowa, Clergy

Theresa Morgan, Iowa, Lay

John B. McCall, Texas, Lay

David Juliano,  Florida, Clergy

Marty Wade, Virginia, Lay

Linda Ayers, Virginia, Lay

Gary Elliot, Northern Illinois, Lay

James C. Ayers, Virginia, Lay

Russell, Vallier, Great Plains, Clergy

Karen Vallier, Great Plains, Lay

Rebecca Holdman, Indiana, Lay

Suzanne Evans, Western North Carolina, Lay

Elaine Bassett, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Jeanne A. Gibbs, South Georgia, Lay

Tracy Saenz, Great Plains, Lay

Claire Allen, North Georgia, Lay

John Bradford, Arkansas, Lay

Greg Freeze, Florida, Clergy

Amy Bowen, Arkansas, Lay

Patricia Hatcher, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Tedi Armet, Lay

A. Richards, North Georgia, Lay

Ron Walter, Indiana, Lay

Anne Hartmann, Florida, Lay

Diana Anderson, Iowa, Lay

Barbara Hefner, Rio Texas, Lay

Sarah Foster, North Georgia, Lay

William E. Moore Jr., Virginia, Lay

Tommy Jones, Arkansas, Clergy

Rae Mullins, Holston, Clergy

George Wilkerson, Arkansas, Lay

Debra Stoots, Holston, Lay

Clarissa Wallace, Arkansas, Lay

Sherri Bull, Arkansas, Lay

Marshall G. Jenkins, Mississippi, Clergy

Terry J. Hoopingarnef, Indiana, Lay

Mark Crosby, Louisiana, Clergy

Josh Ricketts, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Carol Macy, Great Plains, Lay

Marilyn, Great Plains, Lay

Keith Gunnet, North Carolina, Lay

Mark Barnhart, Susquehanna, Lay

Sharon Wilkerson, Illinois Great Rivers, Clergy

James Lydick, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Wade Harman, Texas, Clergy

Kyle Reinhiller, Dakotas, Clergy

Dani Hardy, Arkansas, Lay

Dusty Hardy, Arkansas, Lay

Duane Lucas, East Ohio, Lay

Theodore James Smith III, California-Pacific, Lay

Mary Bible Crowson, South Georgia, Lay

Margery Van Oostrum, Oklahoma, Clergy

David Bragg, Kentucky, Lay

Kim Gladden, Lay

Russ Werner, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Kamba Kyakutala Evariste, North Katanga, Clergy

Dustin Dinsmore, North Texas, Lay

Patrick Isabirye, Uganda, Clergy

Patrick McCoy, Lay

Chris Neel, Arkansas, Clergy

Wesley Smith, North Alabama, Lay

Dale C. Williams, Western North Carolina, Lay

David Brooks, North Carolina, Lay

Jim Jennings, West Ohio, Clergy

Tammy Woodard, Texas, Clergy

Vicki L. Troxell, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Alex Pappas, North Carolina, Lay

J.M. Smith, Western North Carolina, Lay

Tom Stark, New Jersey, Clergy

Carolyn Hoskinson, West Ohio, Clergy

Stevan D. Saunders, Northern Illinois, Clergy

Cheryl Myers, West Ohio, Lay

Christopher E. Myers, West Ohio, Lay

Michael D. Murrell, Indiana, Lay

Don Burkhart, Illinois Great Rivers, Clergy

Matthew Abel, Kentucky, Clergy

Timothy Cox, Indiana, Lay

LuRae Ahrendt, North Georgia, Lay

Michael W. Dilli, Mountain Sky, Lay

Brenda Pfister, Mountain Sky, Lay

Stan Ledbetter, North Georgia, Lay

Elizabeth Fink, Arkansas, Lay

Jennifer Aden, Dakotas, Lay

Stephen Womack, Tennessee, Clergy

Mary Ann Tyre, South Georgia, Lay

William C. Tyre Jr., South Georgia, Lay

Pamela Dubey, Michigan, Lay

Vernon Jones, North Georgia, Lay

Cynthia Jones, North Georgia, Lay

Eva Tomlinson Ruston, Tennessee, Lay

James C. Walker, Michigan, Lay

Donald Kautz, Mountain Sky

Frank W. Briggs, Central Texas, Clergy

Robert Sampl, Western North Carolina, Clergy

Susan Higdon, Iowa, Clergy

Noah Ross, North Alabama, Lay

John Brown, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Sharon Calmes, West Ohio, Lay

Rachael Jones, Arkansas, Lay

Joyce Drye, Western North Carolina, Lay

Connie Bush, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Doug Jennings, Holston Clergy

Dudley Myers, Holston, Lay

Brian M. Dunham, West Ohio, Clergy

R. Andrew Maxwell, Illinois Great Rivers, Clergy

David A. Green, Kentucky, Clergy

Donna Reynolds, Arkansas, Lay

Lanny Kennedy, Mississippi, Lay

Maria Nichols, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Andy Byrd, Mississippi, Lay

Don Crowson, Kentucky, Clergy

David Stubbs, South Carolina, Lay

Bonnie Jones, Alabama-West Florida

Sonja Bock, Holston, Lay

Jonathan Kupper, California-Pacific, Lay

Tom Matthews, West Virginia, Clergy

Judy Vetter, West Virginia, Clergy

Nadia M. Nunez, Florida, Lay

Edward Rousset, Mountain Sky, Clergy

Claudia Castenir, Kentucky, Lay

Jeff Belmear, Illinois Great Rivers, Clergy

Patti Molik, Upper New York, Clergy

Scott Wright, Louisiana, Clergy

Lynn R. Owen, Indiana, Lay

Charles Hunt, Florida, Lay

Jim Liufau, Alabama-West Florida, Lay

Bob Voels, Iowa, Clergy

Rebecca DeFrank, Florida, Lay

Adam Penn, Illinois Great Rivers, Clergy

Pamela Ames, Western Pennsylvania, Laity

R. Bruce Johnson, Virginia, Clergy

Margaret DeMaris, Wisconsin, Clergy

William Gordon, Michigan, Lay

Todd Hartsock, Iowa, Clergy

Alec Amosson, Iowa, Lay

Adam Parsons, Iowa, Lay

T. Jeffrey Bealmear, Illinois Great Rivers, Clergy

Elaine Maxwell, Lay

Ron Maxwell, Lay

Steve McElroy, Iowa, Clergy

Janine P. Bethel, North Georgia, Lay

Eldon Nolte, Iowa, Clergy

Sula McCurdy, North Georgia, Lay

Carol Sewell, Holston, Lay

Stan McCurdy, North Georgia, Lay

Christine Carman, Kentucky, Lay

Kimberly Stoughton, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Matt Fitch, Rio Texas, Lay

Lori Brown, Peninsula-Delaware, Clergy

Dave Rosenblatt, Peninsula-Delaware, Clergy

David L. Cowles, East Ohio, Clergy

Dennis M Castenir, Kentucky, Lay

Steve Cordle, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Jerry A. West, Wisconsin, Lay

Dorothy Lum, California-Pacific, Lay

Shirley Reed, West Virginia, Clergy

Mason McWhorter, North Georgia, Lay

Michael Estes, Great Plains, Lay

John Ruiz, Wisconsin, Clergy

Michael Loomis, Florida, Clergy

Carol Martinez, Iowa, Lay

Paul S. McCullough, West Ohio, Clergy

Kim Hancock, North Georgia, Clergy

Franklin C. Boner, West Ohio, Lay

James Buckhahn, Iowa, Clergy

Sonia Baker, Iowa, Lay

Susie Rogers, North Georgia, Lay

Tony Rogers, Lay

James W. Mitchell, Louisiana, Clergy

Deb Baker, Iowa, Lay

Tony R. Nester, Iowa Clergy

Allan K. Brooks, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Elizabeth R. Donaldson, Florida, Lay

Harry F. Donaldson, Florida, Lay

Karen Ward, West Ohio, Lay

Marty Sholars, Texas, Lay

Nick Sholars, Texas, Clergy

Cheryl Hatcher, Northwest Texas, Lay

Larry W. Wiggins, Georgia, Lay

Tommy Foster, Northwest Texas, Lay

Erik Rasmussen, Louisiana, Clergy

Wallace Byers, Texas, Lay

Richard Chidester, Virginia, Lay

Susan Hinesly, Illinois Great Rivers, Lay

Jeff Davis, West Florida, Lay

Donna J. Cartner, Western North Carolina, Lay

Alison McElroy, Iowa, Lay

Jason McQueen, Western Pennsylvania, Clergy

Brian Baker, Iowa, Lay

Grayson McElroy, Iowa, Lay

Bill Ivins, Northwest Texas, Clergy

Debbie Coutts, Oregon-Idaho, Clergy

Terrill M. Schneider, Michigan, Clergy

Linda Schneider, Michigan, Lay

Carl A. Slear, Lay

Nancy L. Slear, Lay

Marvin L. Holland, Western North Carolina, Lay

Alice Anson, Lay

Donna Poe, North Carolina, Lay

Sherri Holder, North Georgia, Lay

John B. Allison, Western Pennsylvania, Lay

Melissa Ford, Georgia, Lay

Larry Crow, Rio Texas, Lay

Allen Bruce Zerlaut, Michigan, Lay

Richard Hause, Susquehanna, Lay

JoAnne Hause, Susquehanna, Lay

Mark D. Stephens, North Carolina, Clergy

Claudia W. Stephens, North Carolina, Lay

George James, Memphis, Lay

Terrie Crosby, Louisiana, Lay

Timothy A. Hess, North Carolina, Lay

Larry D. Megenhardt, Illinois Great Rivers, Lay

David K. Edwards, Peninsula-Delaware, Lay

Tom C. Shingle, Iowa, Clergy

Clifton Lee Quinn, Jr., North Carolina, Lay

Daryl Ericsson, Great Plains, Lay

Andrew Rubenking, Iowa, Clergy